Key Insurance Coverages for Caterers

As a caterer, you rely on your equipment, employees, suppliers, and vendors to synchronize in such a way that allows you to create memorable, seamless events for your clients. But what happens when something goes amiss? Say, for example, your heating equipment malfunctions and catches a venue on fire. The lawsuit over such a claim could be enough to shut your business doors for good.

Catering insurance was designed to offset the risks you face when you serve food and liquor to your clients and their guests. From third party injuries to your damaged equipment, insureon's insurance coverages protect your business from the high cost of worst-case scenarios. For caterers, we recommend the following policies…

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Catering Business Owners: Business Liability Insurance for Less

When you're ready to give your catering business the financial safety net it needs to take calculated risks and grow, we can create a custom policy that addresses the risks caterers most commonly face. To get your business protection plan underway, simply complete our all-online insurance application, and we can send you competitive quotes within minutes. 


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