Essential Business Insurance Coverages for Cafes and Coffee Shops

As the owner of a coffee shop, you probably have a stream of "regulars" - folks who take refuge in your space while sipping a latte and browsing the Internet. Each day, you open with the assurance that your coffee shop doesn't have to compete with corporate shops, so long as you can keep offering your patrons the quality coffee they've come to expect.

But what happens if disaster strikes? Would you have the funds to make speedy repairs, replace your equipment and inventory, and get back to serving your customers before they find a new haunt?

With the appropriate business insurance plan, you can handle such unexpected events without running your bank account into the ground. When property damage or lawsuits threaten, your business insurance steps in. For the risks your coffee shop most frequently encounters, our expert insurance agents recommend the following policies…

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Your coffee shop isn't like every other business—so why settle for a generic, catchall business protection plan? At insureon, we tailor policies based on your specific needs so that you never pay extra for coverages or go without protection you need.

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