Top Insurance Policies for Concessionaires and Food Vendors

At special events - from football games to carnivals - your food-vending cart or concession trailer is the first stop patrons make. Loaded with elephant ears, hot pretzels, and a cold soda, they go along their way, enjoying your food as they take in the entertainment.

You may have started your own concessionaire or food vending business because you wanted to share you culinary skill with your community. But as it continues to grow, you need a safety net in case the unthinkable occurs. Your equipment could malfunction, food could be contaminated, and someone could get hurt.

Business insurance offers your food vending business a plan of action when the unexpected happens. It can reimburse your business for property damage you've suffered and fund your legal defense if someone sues. The expert agents at insureon know which policies address your most common risks, which is why we recommend…

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Food Vendors and Concessionaires: Business Insurance Quotes in Minutes

For most small-business owners, budgets are tight and time is a luxury. At insureon, we know the many demands you have to juggle, which is why we make purchasing business insurance a breeze. No waiting. No second guessing. We work with top-rated insurance carriers so that the coverage you receive is precisely what you need—no more, no less.

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