for Food Services Businesses

For certain aspects of your business, you'll need to provide proof of insurance coverage. A Certificate of Insurance is an official document your insurance agent provides, and it certifies your restaurant, food truck, catering business, bar, nightclub, or other food service has the requisite coverage.

The following situations may require you to prove you have adequate insurance:

  • To obtain a liquor license, you usually need to certify Liquor Liability Insurance coverage.
  • To secure a mortgage for your space, you often need proof of Commercial Property Insurance.
  • Many states require you to verify your Workers' Compensation Insurance coverage.

You can also list interested parties as "Certificate Holders," which means they receive automatic notifications when your policy is updated.

Sample Certificates of Insurance for Your Industry

To get an idea of what you can expect your certificate to look like, download our sample Certificate of Insurance for food services businesses.

How Do I Get My Own Certificate of Insurance?

The only way to get a Certificate of Insurance is to purchase small business insurance coverage. Speak with one of our restaurant insurance experts to discuss which policies address your small food business's needs. Usually, you can get insured and receive your certificate within a single afternoon. Or, you can fill out an insurance application to complete the process online.

Certificate of Insurance [PDF]

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