Preparing Your Food Business for Success

For owners of food businesses, your company is more than just a restaurant, diner, bar, or catering operation. It's your dream. But as with any business, it takes planning, resources, and savvy to bring that dream to fruition and make your company a success.

And that's why we've created this guide. Here, you'll find articles and resources that can help you develop a business plan, hire your team, market your newly opened restaurant or bar, understand your risks, and find small business insurance to protect your investments.

Dive in, and discover tips and tools for creating a successful food business from the ground up:

Launching a Food Services Business

Find out what you need to get your food business up and running. You'll learn how to register your business, apply for a small business loan, and create shareholders' agreements.

Building a Food Services Business Plan

Every successful business begins with a business plan. Learn what yours should include and how this document can help you secure startup financing.

Using Contracts the Right Way

What kind of contracts should your food business use? And what should these legal documents include? Find resources for creating and using contracts here.

Attracting & Keeping Clients and Customers

It takes more than delicious food to attract your target market. Discover the secret ingredient that keeps your customers coming back.

Food Business Development: Sales, Marketing, & Advertising

Discover marketing tips that generate buzz, attract customers, promote sales, and grow your business.

Using Technology as a Food Services Business Owner

In the digital age, technology is the key to your business's survival. Learn how to use tech tips and social media to leverage your food services business.

Managing Your Food Business's Finances

Explore the financial side of running a business. This article gives you an overview of some basic financial considerations, such as cash-flow projections, loan proposals, payroll, taxes, and more.

HR Practices for Hiring & Managing Your Small Food Business's Team

You don't need a human resources background to be a great employer. Check out these tips for managing your staff.

Hiring Your Food Business Staff

There's more to hiring employees than simply finding the perfect candidate. Discover your legal obligations and considerations for interviewing prospective employees and hiring them as part of your team.

Customer Service Concerns for Food Businesses

How your food business treats its customers will ultimately determine its reputation and success. Learn which customer service issues are most common and how to handle these issues before they escalate into lawsuits.

Managing & Reducing Your Food Business's Risks

Growing a strong business means having a plan for when disaster strikes. Find out which risks your food services company may face.

Risk Management Strategies for Food Businesses

How can your small business keep its risks at bay? Discover the prevention strategies that can spare your business from costly property loss, accidents, and lawsuits.

Insurance Policies for Food Services Businesses

Perhaps the most important part of your business protection plan is your insurance coverage. Adequate insurance can protect the investment you made in your food business and help make sure it survives an unpreventable accident or disaster. Here, you'll find out which insurance products cover your most pressing risks, ways to reduce your insurance rates, and tips for filing an insurance claim.

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact one of our food business insurance experts for more pointers on managing your business's risks and insurance needs.

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