Risk Management for the Food Service Industry

When you own a restaurant, bar, or other food services business, you must be ready anything. An unexpected, late-night rush? No problem. A no-show bartender? Call for backup. Fresh fish never arrived for tonight’s special? You have it under control.

Without clear procedures and solid contingency plans, the fast-paced environment of your food business would quickly dissolve into chaos. The same kind of strategy you apply to your daily operations should extend to your business’s continuity plan.

Without risk management measures and insurance policies acting as a safety net, the future of your food services business is left up to chance. One kitchen fire could wipe out your savings. A wayward youth could break in and vandalize your property, forcing your business to halt operations. Without the funds to get your business back on track, it may never reopen.

Creating a risk management plan doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complicated. Instead, consult this eBook to help get you started. In it, you’ll learn about…

  • Situations that lead to property loss and lawsuits.
  • Basic small business insurance policies that protect your assets and raft you through disaster.
  • Industry-specific coverage that can fill in costly coverage gaps.
  • Risk management techniques that reduce your biggest risks, such as liquor liability.
  • The easiest ways to find effective insurance coverage.
  •  …and more.

Download your free copy of A Recipe for Success: Risk Management for the Food Service Industry, and protect the investments you’ve made in your business.

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