Risk Management for the Food Service Industry

Chapter 3: Tips for Purchasing Food Services Business Insurance
Part 2: Finding Small Business Insurance with an Insurance Agent

One of the major perks of working with an insurance agent is the time you save. In some cases, your agent can also save you money. With a licensed insurance agent, you can enjoy the following benefits.

Receive Multiple Insurance Quotes with One Application

Forget about the hours spent requesting quotes from companies you had to vet yourself. Your agent does all that legwork for you. In fact, at insureon, the agent assigned to work with you compiles quotes based on your specific needs.

Our insurance experts tailor your plans, trimming away the bells and whistles you don't need and adding on the endorsements you do. When you fill out our all-online insurance application, our agents get all the information they need to find policies that suit your business.

From there, your real-life agent finds the appropriate policies and sends quotes right to your inbox. Plus, because of our relationships with the top insurance companies in the industry, we can often find policies at prices that you wouldn't be able to find on your own.

Have Your Questions Answered by a Person

No one likes calling a company and talking to a machine. And when it comes to your coverage, you shouldn't have to rely on an automated system for help! At insureon, we appreciate that every query and problem has its own nuances.

That's why we pair each of our clients with their own agent for the life of their policy. Your agent will be available to you any time you have questions about your coverage – not just when it's time to renew.

Work with an Industry Specialist

Insureon's agents are trained by industry, which means you'll work with an agent who already understands the food services industry and the risks bar owners, restaurateurs, caterers, and other food services professionals face.

This means your agents will know the right questions to ask to ensure you're covered for risks you didn't even think of.

Avoid the Insurance Jargon and Legalese

Insurance is a complicated field – one full of jargon, legal terms, and fine print. But we don't expect our clients to know the intricacies of this world – that's our job! Our goal is to explain business insurance in plain English.

We take pride in helping you understand your policy so you can make informed, confident decisions about your business protection plan. We'll happily walk you through each of your policy's terms, inclusions, exclusions, limits, and anything else.

Ready to protect your restaurant or bar? Let insureon lead the way! Simply complete our online insurance application, and we'll send competitive quotes right to your inbox.

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