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As a caterer or owner of a food delivery business, you are no stranger to travel. But when your business takes you far and wide, that mobility brings additional risks to your business assets. Fortunately, Off-Premise Coverage can help keep your property and products covered while at other locations. This kind of coverage is a form of Property Insurance that follows your business, ensuring your mobile food service assets are protected wherever your business takes you.

Keep reading to learn more about Off-Premise Coverage for caterers and food delivery businesses and how this coverage keeps your business running smoothly no matter where it ends up.

Off-Premise Coverage: Protecting Food Delivery & Catering Businesses

Off-Premise Coverage: Protecting Food Delivery & Catering Businesses

Off-Premise Coverage is a type of Property Insurance that safeguards food delivery businesses or caterers that use their equipment and products outside their main premises. This policy can cover others' property while it is in your care and protect your business from loss or damage to your equipment while operating away from your storefront.

If you are searching for a policy tailored for the unique demands of your catering or food delivery business, talk to an insureon agent today. We will help you to determine whether Off-Premise Coverage is an appropriate solution for your business insurance needs.

Key Details About Off-Premise Coverage for Food Delivery Businesses & Caterers

Key Details About Off-Premise Coverage for Food Delivery Businesses & Caterers

Off-Premise Coverage can ensure that your catering equipment, food products, and other people's property are protected while carrying out your daily business away from your establishment. As you weigh which business protection policies are appropriate for your catering or food delivery business needs, be sure to consider the following types of security that Off-Premise Coverage can offer.

Off-Premise Property Coverage

Your Off-Premise policy can cover others' property in your custody or control. Just as your standard Property Insurance would protect your business establishment by compensating you for damage to your building and its contents, Off-Premise Coverage extends this security to the venues where you operate.

For example, if your heating equipment catches fire and damages the venue where your business is catering an event, your policy can cover the property damage even though your business does not own or rent the facility. Because property damages can easily exceed tens of thousands of dollars, this coverage can save your small business from paying out of pocket for the associated expenses. If you're unsure how much coverage is adequate for your catering or food delivery business, ask your insureon agent, and we'll help you find a policy that protects you.

Off-Premise Equipment Breakdown Coverage

At Insureon, we know your culinary equipment is essential to your daily business operations. That's why Off-Premise Coverage is designed to protect your equipment and supplies while your catering business uses them at another location. Not only does this coverage allow your business the freedom to operate remotely, but you can also rest assured that your equipment can be replaced should it be damaged somewhere other than your primary business location.

Depending on your policy specifications, your coverage may include your mobile refrigeration units, stoves, ovens, computer systems, and culinary supplies in the event of a fire, wreck, or other covered catastrophe.

Additionally, if your food products are ruined directly by your malfunctioning, damaged, or broken equipment, this kind of Property Insurance policy may also compensate your business for the damaged products and inventory.

Security that Travels With Your Catering & Food Delivery Business

Security that Travels With Your Catering & Food Delivery Business

Since each caterer and food delivery business may require different coverages, be sure to ask one of the food-business insurance experts at Insureon whether Off-Premise Coverage is adequate for your company's operations.

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