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Restaurant, catering, and food service business owners know when it comes to protecting their businesses, every little bit counts. That's why some food service establishments add an extra boost to their underlying policies with Umbrella Liability Insurance. Also know as Excess Liability Insurance, Umbrella policies add more liability insurance to your General Liability, Employer's Liability (part of your Workers' Compensation coverage), and Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance policies in increments of $1 million.

For catering and restaurant businesses, it's easy to add an Umbrella Liability policy to all three underlying policies for a single premium. Depending on where your business is located, your state may require that your business carry these three underlying policies before you can purchase an Umbrella policy.

Keep reading to learn more about Umbrella Liability / Excess Liability Insurance and how your restaurant or catering business can benefit from this additional coverage.

How Umbrella Insurance / Excess Liability Insurance Protects Food Service Professionals

How Umbrella Insurance / Excess Liability Insurance Protects Food Service Professionals

One of the best ways to gauge whether you food business can benefit from Umbrella Insurance is to assess how often you or your employees travel to conduct company business. That's because auto accidents are the leading cause of liability exposure for most small business owners.

When your company is involved in a car accident in any way, your business becomes an easy target for bodily injury claims that can quickly exceed millions of dollars. Many catering or food delivery businesses choose an Umbrella policy to strengthen their Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance policies to protect their business against catastrophe on the road.

As the owner of a restaurant, deli, or other food business, you are exposed daily to other liability risks, such as claims related to food contamination or food allergies. Umbrella Liability Insurance can boost your General Liability coverage and further safeguard your business from the risks of serving food to customers.

For example, say a customer with a food allergy has an extreme allergic reaction to your restaurant's food. If the customer successfully sues your business and is awarded a settlement of $1.5 million, but your General Liability Insurance maxes out at $1 million, your Umbrella Liability policy would cover the half-million dollars left over.

Still not sure whether an Umbrella Insurance policy is appropriate for your food business? Talk to an insureon agent today. We can help you decide which business insurance policies can adequately protect your restaurant or catering company.

Key Details About Umbrella / Excess Liability Insurance for Food Businesses

Key Details About Umbrella / Excess Liability Insurance for Food Businesses

The convenience of an Umbrella Liability Insurance policy doesn't end at the additional coverage it offers your food service business. Though Umbrella coverage can lend more protection to several of your business's other insurance policies, you only need to pay a single Umbrella Liability Insurance premium. Here are a few other important notes to keep in mind as you consider protecting your restaurant or food business with Umbrella Liability Insurance.

Umbrella Insurance is a Cost-Effective Way to Strengthen Your Business Protection.

Instead of increasing the limits on your existing business insurance policies, your restaurant or catering business can typically save money by opting for an Umbrella policy instead. With an Umbrella Liability policy, you can spend less each month on premium payments and still have more coverage. Plus, it's easy to extend your coverage limits on multiple business insurance policies with just one Umbrella policy. If you want higher limits for your General Liability, Hired and Non-Owned Auto, and Employer's Liability policies, a single Umbrella Liability policy is all you need to increase coverage for all three.

Umbrella Liability Insurance Does Not Include Errors & Omissions Insurance.

For restaurateurs and caterers considering Umbrella Insurance, know that this coverage will not increase the limits of your Professional Liability policy (also known as Errors & Omissions Insurance).

Since most lawsuits against small food businesses tend to stem from auto accidents or food-related issues, though, the added protection of Umbrella Insurance to these policies will go a long way toward safeguarding your business. For more assistance or clarification about an Umbrella Liability Insurance policy, feel free to contact our insureon agents today.

You Can Purchase Umbrella Insurance Coverage in Increments of $1 Million.

Your Umbrella Insurance coverage can be bought in increments of $1 million for a relatively low premium. Given the potentially exorbitant cost of settlements, attorney's fees, claims investigation, witness fees, police reports, bond premiums, and judgments, this additional coverage can make the difference between your business surviving a liability lawsuit or closing its doors for good.

Are you ready to strengthen your business insurance plan with Umbrella Insurance coverage? Fill out our easy online application for a free quote in minutes.

Custom Policies for Food Service Professionals

Custom Policies for Food Service Professionals

At insureon, we specialize in creating custom policies for our clients, meaning your restaurant, deli, or catering business will have the amount of coverage it needs—no more, no less.

If you want to know more about whether your business might benefit from Umbrella coverage, ask one of our food business insurance experts. We'll help you to decide if an Umbrella policy makes sense for your business.

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