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In the food service industry, there's no shortage of potential hazards and risks that employees face. From slipping on wet floors to suffering grease burns to throwing out their backs from lifting heavy equipment, food service employees could be harmed on the job while simply carrying out their daily work.

If you own a catering or food delivery business that requires your employees to travel, the potential for injury only increases. Your employees could have an automobile accident, or they could be the victims of robbery, since catering employees are known to carry cash.

Food service businesses turn to their Workers' Compensation policy to safeguard against the high cost of on-the-job injuries and risks. To learn more about how Workers' Compensation protects your restaurant, deli, cafe, or catering business and its employees from uncertainty, keep reading.

Workers' Compensation Insurance: Protecting Food Service Employees

Workers' Compensation Insurance: Protecting Food Service Employees

In the bustle of the food service industry, time is of the essence. The quick pace of business in restaurants and catering businesses means that wait staff, chefs, baristas, and bartenders can be especially predisposed to split-second accidents. From slick kitchen floors to broken glass and sharp knives, food business employees may be exposed to harmful situations every day. And no matter the extent of safety training or other means of risk management, food service businesses know accidents happen all the time, even to the most prepared professionals.

Workers' Compensation Insurance is a business protection policy that helps you offset some of the unavoidable risks that your hardworking staff may face. Should one of your employees be injured at work, Workers' Compensation can protect your business by providing the necessary funds to cover the medical expenses associated with your employees' on-the-job injury and the lost wages your employee missed while recovering. Additionally, this coverage also provides for the cost of lawsuits and settlements if your employee sues your business.

Most states currently require Workers' Compensation Insurance for all businesses with employees, but the extent of the coverage varies from state to state. One of insureon's food-service business insurance experts can help you determine how much Workers' Compensation coverage is adequate for your business given its location.

How Food Service Professionals Benefit from Workers' Compensation Insurance

How Food Service Professionals Benefit from Workers' Compensation Insurance

Worker's Compensation Insurance benefits food business owners and employees by covering…

  • Legal fees for defending your food service business should an employee sue you for work-related injuries.
  • Medical expenses associated with your employees' job-related injuries.
  • Wages your employee would have earned during their recovery from a covered on-the-job injury.

Also known as "workman's comp" or "workers' liability insurance," most Workers' Compensation policies also include Employers' Practices Liability Insurance as a safeguard against the lawsuits that tend to accompany job-related accidents. This policy can help pay for legal costs if your employee files a lawsuit against you.Even if the lawsuit is meritless, your business can be covered for the court costs and attorney fees associated with defending yourself against the claim. Without proper coverage, the attorney's fees alone can be enough to bankrupt a small business.

If you already know Workers' Compensation is the answer to your business protection needs, you can get a quote from insureon in minutes!

Key Details About Workers' Compensation for Food Service Professionals

Key Details About Workers' Compensation for Food Service Professionals

As you shop for your Workers' Compensation coverage for your food service business, keep the following considerations in mind.

Understand Your State's Workers' Comp Laws for Food Businesses.

As a rule, if your business has employees, your state probably requires some kind of Workers' Compensation coverage. Before you settle on a policy, it's important to know how much coverage your state requires. For example, if you own a restaurant in Ohio, you'll find the state sets rates and operates a state-administered fund of Workers' Compensation Insurance.

Even if you don't have full-time employees, you might be still required by your state laws to cover part-time employees or contractors with Workers' Comp Insurance. When in doubt about your state's laws concerning Workers' Compensation, simply ask one of our agents. Our food-business insurance experts know your state's regulations, and can keep your business protection on the right track.

Consider Excluding Yourself from Workers' Comp Coverage.

As the owner of your restaurant, deli, cafe, or catering business, you may want to include yourself under your Workers' Compensation coverage to give yourself added protection and income security in case you are ill, injured, or otherwise unable to work. However, if you want to save some money on your policy, some states will allow you to opt out of this coverage. Speak to an insureon agent to help you understand your coverage options for your food business.

Risk Management Tips for Food Service Professionals

Risk Management Tips for Food Service Professionals

In addition to Workers' Compensation Insurance, you can further safeguard your business and your employees with these basic risk reduction strategies.

  • Train your staff regularly on proper lifting techniques for heavy items.
  • Ensure your chefs and line cooks have the proper equipment to safely prepare and handle food, including a storage area for sharp tools and heat-protection gear such as potholders.
  • Enforce proper attire for your employees, especially footwear to minimize the risk of slips.

If you have questions about Workers' Compensation coverage for your food service business, contact an insureon agent today —we're here to help!

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